How do i Make a Shepherds Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional British recipe, but oh so often what is served is not a real Shepherd’s Pie but a Cottage Pie. Cottage Pie is NOT just another name for Shepherd’s Pie – the two are different –

How to Cut down on Soda

We all know that soda tastes great to most of us. The problem with the fizzy drink are all those excess calories. So, how do you cut down on your soda intake? I have a few tips. 1. Don’t buy

How much Wine to Serve at a Party

If you are having a party at which you will be serving wine, it is important to know how much and what type of wine to buy beforehand. The amount of wine you will need depends on how many drinking

How to Bake the best Holiday Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread is a classic Scottish cookie consisting of one part white sugar, two parts butter, and three parts flour.  Shortbread can be baked in strips, cookie cutter shapes, or pressed into a form to produce a shortbread cake.  A shortbread

History of Soft Drinks Soda Pop

On a hot summer day, nothing can be more refreshing than an ice cold soft drink. From Pepsi to Coca-Cola, from Orange to Root Beer, sparkling water to seltzer, there are numerous soft drinks to choose from. Soft drinks are

History of Soft Drinks

People often confuse soft drinks as just sodas. However, any beverage that does not have alcohol or dairy products is considered to be a soft drink. They include bottled waters, iced tea, fruit punch and soda. The history of soft

Healthy Salad Tips

Salads trace its origin back to the Roman days. Basically salad means raw vegetables seasoned with salt or salty substance. The French called it “Salata” which means salted things which later coined as “salllat” or “salad” by the English in

Have you got a Recipe for Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash (sometimes known as butternut pumpkin or winter squash), is a member of the gourd family, the same family as the pumpkin, and does have a very similar taste to that fruit. It is in season late autumn and

Halloween Slime Drink Recipes

If you are hosting a Halloween party, you might want to serve up some slimy drinks to gross out your party guests. Below are some of the best slime themed drinks that are sure to add some Halloween spirit to

Great Christmas Wines for the Mature Palate

The most important thing to consider when buying anyone a bottle of wine, is what the person you are buying for likes. This is true whether the wine drinker is 21 or 91. That said, tastes evolve over time. Especially